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August 2019

Meet E-G-G Winner 2018: Jonas Zaman, PhD

“Science knows no country, because knowledge belongs to humanity.” – Louis Pasteur

Like many researchers, E-G-G winner Jonas Zaman, PhD, moved around a lot for his studies – first completing his Psychology degree in Brussels, a Masters in Neuroscience in Maastricht, an internship in Oxford, then a PhD in Leuven.

“If you want to build a career in science today, international experience and collaboration is essential,” says Jonas.

He took this approach in his E-G-G application too, contacting previous winners to seek their advice.

“The E-G-G is a unique opportunity for post-docs to connect with peers around the world, at the same stage of their career, working in the same field.”

Jonas’ winning project aims to better understand the relationship between fear and chronic pain. Specifically, it looks into how becoming afraid of bodily sensations affects a person’s ability to accurately perceive sensations, and how clinicians could potentially use a perceptual training task in combination with exposure therapy to not only reduce people’s fear but also at the same time improve their ability to accurately perceive sensations in order to reduce their pain levels.

The E-G-G funding allowed Jonas to kick-start his project, covering the costs of equipment and staffing of junior researchers.

Jonas’ tip for writing a successful grant? Simplify your language, understanding the broad expertise of the judging panel. They may not be experts in your particular field of research, so explain everything.

Jonas will at the E-G-G Award ceremony on the 4th of September 2019, 18:15-19:30 during the official EFIC opening in the EFIC Hall.

August 2019

Meet E-G-G Symposium Speaker: Joukje Oosterman, PhD

“It’s easy for researchers to be confined by their research questions,” says E-G-G winner Joukje Oosterman, PhD.

Joukje is a research psychologist with a specialty in the fields of ageing, pain and cognitive performance. However, in the development of the E-G-G application, Joukje reached out to colleagues in other fields to get their perspectives.

“I started off with an idea and by involving experts with different backgrounds, I developed a stronger, interdisciplinary proposal,” says Joukje

Her winning E-G-G project investigates the relationship between chronic pain and fatigue on cognitive performance. The two conditions are highly interrelated, where many people who experience pain will also experience fatigue, and vice versa

Joukje’s project aims to understand the underlying mechanisms that connect the two conditions, and what makes them distinct. She plans to do this through three methods: a study on how pain and fatigue independently influence cognitive functioning, an fMRI study and a clinical analysis into the efficacy of CBT methods for both conditions

The E-G-G funding allowed Joukje to hire a post-doc researcher to help her interpret the fMRI data and add another dimension to her research.

Joukje’s advice to potential applicants? “Think outside the box!”

Joukje will present her preliminary results at the E-G-G symposium, which will be held at the EFIC congress on the 5th of September 2019, 16:30-18:00 in Hall B.

August 2019

We invite you to the E-G-G Symposium at the EFIC congress in Valencia, Spain

In such a competitive research environment, gaining funding is incredibly difficult, especially for scientists in their early career.

The EFIC-Grunenthal Grant (E-G-G) Symposium at the EFIC Congress this September will showcase the successful projects from previous grant winners and give practical advice to possible future applicants.

Where: Auditorium 1A, EFIC Congress, Valencia
When: 5 September 2019, 16h30-18h

This year’s E-G-G Symposium will feature Co-Chair and Guest Speaker Jordi Casanova Molla, PhD.

It will also feature previous grant recipients from E-G-G 2016, who will present some of their findings:

  • Susanne Becker, PhD: Altered cognitive-emotional networks in chronic pain: the modulatory role of dopamine.
  • Joukje Oosterman, PhD: Disentangling pain and fatigue: a clinical and neurocognitive approach.
  • Roi Treister, PhD: Can training increase reporting accuracy and study power in human pain trials?

For more information on the E-G-G Symposium, see the EFIC Congress website here.

July 2019

Meet the E-G-G symposium speaker: Susanne Becker, PhD

What is the role of dopamine, or a lack of dopamine, in the development of chronic pain?

This was the question posed by Susanne Becker, PhD, one of the winners of the 2016 EFIC-Grünenthal Grant (E-G-G).

The subsequent experiment used a dopamine receptor antagonist in healthy patients and observed their effect on brain responses to heat pain using fMRI. The E-G-G gave her and her lab the funding needed to pursue this innovative research.

“The E-G-G is special,” says Becker, PhD. “The process is uncomplicated. They answered all of my questions, even the “stupid” ones.”

After winning the award, Becker, PhD found that the financial funding was only part of the prize. The E-G-G also gave her and her research more visibility.

“There’s a sense of prestige to it,” says Becker, PhD. “You really feel like you’re a rising star in the field.”

What is Becker, PhD’s advice for would-be applicants?

“Just try it!”

Susanne Becker, PhD is currently the Head of the Psychobiology of Pain Research Group at the Central Institute of Mental Health in Mannheim, Germany. You can read more about Becker’s research here.

The preliminary findings of the study are expected to be presented at the EFIC Congress in Valencia in September 2019 on the 5th of September 2019, 16:30-18:00 in Auditorium 1A.

June 2019

Meet the E-G-G symposium speaker: Roi Treister, PhD

You always remember your first.

When Roi Treister, PhD won the EFIC-Grunenthal Grant (EGG) in 2016, it was the first grant that he had been awarded.

“As a young researcher, your first grant funding is so important. It opens up your possibilities and is a springboard for getting more funding in the future,” says Treister, PhD.

“Winning a grant like the EGG not only gives you the funds to pursue your research, it gives you more credibility and visibility in the field.”

Treister, PhD is now an Associate Professor at University of Haifa’s Clinical Pain Innovation Lab. With a background in psychology and neurology, his research focusses on how people evaluate their experience of pain, and how this affects measurement and treatment.

The project that earned him the EGG, looked at whether training people to evaluate more accurately their pain influences the effectiveness of clinical trials by reducing the placebo response.

This is a relatively new and novel approach to pain research, and Treister, PhD thinks his application was successful for such a reason.

“Unlike some other grants, the EGG is aimed at young researchers. It is willing to take a risk on bold projects and new ideas.”

“My advice to potential applicants is to be brave. Put your ideas forward and see what happens.” 

You can read more about Treister, PhD research on pain here.

The E-G-G symposium will be held at the EFIC congress on the 5th of September 2019, 16:30-18:00 in Auditorium 1A.

2 May 2019

Press release: EFIC-Grünenthal Grant 2018

Meet the winners of the EFIC-Grünenthal Grant 2018:
Five creative ideas aimed at advancing research in pain have been selected to receive funding from the prestigious EFIC-Grünenthal Grant (E-G-G).
Please see the press release for more information.

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Jan 2019

Numerous applications for the EFIC-GRÜNENTHAL GRANT 2018

The application deadline for the EFIC-GRÜNENTHAL Grant is over. We received numerous applications with very interesting projects.

Now the Working Group for Grants and Prizes of the EFIC Research Committee starts with the review. The winners of the EFIC-GRÜNENTHAL Grant 2018 will be announced in May 2019.

Good luck for all the applicants!

Numerous applications for the EFIC-GRÜNENTHAL GRANT 2018

Dec 2018

Last Call for Applications

Important information for postdoctoral researchers in pain research:

The EFIC-GRÜNENTHAL Grant supports young scientists in their early career. Since 2004,the European Pain Federation EFIC®, in partnership with Grünenthal, has supported many research projects in the field of pain: 60 young scientists from 13 countries received up € 1.4 million in grants for their research projects.

The Research Grants are intended for clinical and human experimental pain research including innovative educational initiatives aimed at improving diagnosis and treatment of pain. Research proposals on animals, computer simulations, cell lines etc. will not be considered.


  • Do you have a good idea which could relieve patients from pain?
  • Do you want to start a research project, but you lack funds?
  • You're not older than 40 years and you're a citizen of a member country of the European Pain Federation EFIC®?
  • You're working at a recognized hospital, university or any institution that provides the infrastructure and the support required to carry out the proposed research?
  • You have obtained a PhD, M.D. or equivalent postgraduate degree?

Don’t wait any longer, apply for the E-G-G. Such opportunity is only available every other year so, do not hesitate, go online and apply at:

Applications will be accepted until December 31, 2018. The winners will be selected by a working group of the Research Committee and announced in May 2019. The awards ceremony will take place at the 11th Congress of the European Pain Federation EFIC® in Valencia, Spain from September 4-7, 2019.

Last Call for Applications

18 Jun 2018

Fresh Ideas in Pain Research

Creative approaches to research by young scientists provide opportunity for new and challenging thinking to benefit patients who suffer from pain.
To move such approaches from a conceptual framework to a research project, the EFIC-Grünenthal Grant provides support for innovations in clinical research.

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7 Sep 2017

Aging demographics require novel ideas in pain research

Recipients of an EFIC-GRÜNENTHAL Grant (E-G-G) provided insights into the results of their award-winning projects during the “New Findings in Clinical Pain Research” symposium at the 10th Congress of the European Pain Federation EFIC®

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23 May 2017

Cutting edge science in pain treatment in order to improve patients‘ lives

EFIC-GRÜNENTHAL Grant 2016 supports six young scientists in their advanced pain research projects

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4 May 2017

Nomination of winners!

The Scientific Research Committee of the European Pain Federation EFIC® reviewed a vast number of applications submitted in the competition of the E-G-G 2016 program and judged six (6) project proposals to be the best for funding.

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1 Jan 2017

The deadline for applications for an EFIC-Grünenthal Grant 2016 was reached 31st December 2016.
Many high-quality applications have been submitted.

Nomination of winners is expected in May 2017, names and projects will be announced here at the website.
The winners will be presented and awarded on the occasion of the 10th Congress of the
European Pain Federation EFIC® taking place in Copenhagen, Denmark from 6 - 9 Sep 2017.

23 June 2016

Press release: EFIC-GRÜNENTHAL GRANT 2016

  • Creating further awareness for pain and its treatment
  • Support young scientists to bring out best pain relief for patients

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01 Jan 2016


Application hotline is open from 1 Jan 2016.
Deadline for applications: 31 December 2016.

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3 Sept 2015

Press release: Results of pain research projects raise aspiration for advanced pain treatment

  • Novel ideas for potential improvement of pain management
  • High need for translation of findings into practice for improved patients’ quality of life  

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11 June 2015

Press release: 2014 EFIC-Grünenthal Grant winners

The continuing Success Story on Research in improving pain patients‘ lives
EFIC-Grünenthal Grant honours 7 young scientists for their groundbreaking pain research ideas.

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May 12th, 2015

Nomination of the winners

The Scientific Research Committee of the European Pain Federation EFIC® selected the winners of the EFIC-Grünenthal Grant 2014 from a vast number of 100 applications.

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23 September 2014

EFIC-Grünenthal Grant: Supporting up-and-coming researchers in the field of pain

Young scientists from any European member country of the European Pain Federation EFIC® are invited to apply for the EFIC-Grünenthal Grant (E-G-G) 2014. This grant is one of the most prestigious and highly regarded pain research grants worldwide.

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January 1st, 2014

Application hotline for an EFIC-Grünenthal Grant 2014 is open.

Deadline for applications: 31 December 2014.
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October, 10th 2013

Supporting young scientists is the key in the battle against pain

Florence, October 10th 2013. As the field of pain has evolved significantly in Europe over the years, pain research is more relevant than ever: Every fifth adult citizen in Europe suffers from persistent or chronic pain, so pain has become a major health problem in Europe. In line with the thought that pain research is getting more and more important, the EFIC-Grünenthal Grant (E-G-G) gave young scientists support and a platform in the course of the 8th EFIC® Congress in Florence, Italy.
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October 9-12, 2013


Pain in Europe VIII
8th Congress of the European Pain Federation EFIC® 
Florence, Italy
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May 22nd, 2013

Supporting young scientists on the subject of pain research

EFIC-Grünenthal-Grant awards seven innovative research projects
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May 22nd, 2013

The EFIC® Committee on Scientific Research selected the winners of the EFIC-Grünenthal Grant 2012 from a total of 80 applications

Most of the applications were of very high standard and the Committee decided to support 7 research projects.
The presentation of Award Winners will be arranged on the occasion of the Opening Ceremony of the EFIC® Congress ‘PAIN IN EUROPE VIII’, taking place in Florence, Italy from 9 – 12 October 2013
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December 3rd, 2012

EFIC-Grünenthal Grant: Improve the understanding of pain and its therapy

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September 22nd, 2012

Pain in Europe VII - 7th Congress of the European Federation of IASP® Chapters (EFIC®)

Research projects create confidence for positive changes and solutions in the subject of pain
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March 29th, 2012

EFIC-Grünenthal Grant supports young scientists

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