Prof. Giustino Varrassi,
EFIC President, L'Aquila/Italy

"Scientific societies and pharmaceutical companies can only improve the understanding of pain and its treatment if they cooperate in research and education. It is difficult to improve basic research because it needs a lot of established and complex laboratories. But we are trying our best as you can see with the excellent basic research projects in genetics in pain of one of our award winners."


"In Europe we have very good data on pain and its therapy, but we are still facing some difficulties. One of the most important aims of the EFIC is to support information exchange between East and West Europe. We are very successful with our educational projects in the East European countries and we are striving to accelerate communication between both parts. For example, we have many fellows coming from Eastern Europe who spend a few months in "Western" pain centres."

Prof. Margarita Puig,
Chair EFIC Scientific Committee, Barcelona/Spain

"The committee evaluates EGG projects based on three criteria:
The first criterion is the curriculum. We want to get to know the applicants. What is their field of interest? Did they have any previous publications? Did they participate in scientific meetings? This is how we learn something about their scientific background.
The second criterion is the quality of the research. They have to have a well structured and original hypothesis or scientific question and adequate methodology to be able to support (or refute) the hypothesis

And the third criterion is the relevance of the expected results for pain research in general for the patients and society. We want to see the idea behind it. Therefore it's a combination of these three criteria - curriculum, quality of work and relevance for pain research - that leads to our final decision."


"I think pain research in Europe is very good, both in basic and clinical sciences. There are excellent groups of investigators but unfortunately they are not coordinated. For Europe, it should be our aim to promote and support cooperation between basic scientists and clinicians."

Mr. Wolfgang Becker,
Grünenthal GmbH, Executive Board Member, Aachen/Germany

"Grünenthal is an international pharmaceutical company based on innovation through research and long-term commitment to our partners.
An open-minded dialogue with patients, physicians, health authorities and academic societies helps us to better understand the mechanism leading to chronic pain and to evaluate the needs of the market.

Therefore our interest in supporting young researchers is easy to understand. Grünenthal as a pain specialist appreciates the fruitful exchange of information and experiences with courageous junior scientists. It helps us to identify treatment gaps and issues as well as potential solutions for new medications.

Growing up with young researchers is like developing a new drug. It takes years to build up the 'know how' but finally it leads to sustainable success."

Dr. Thilo Stadler,
Grünenthal GmbH, Vice President Global Marketing, Aachen/Germany

"The EGG prize award ceremony was an unforgettable event for everyone. Especially the prize winners were deeply impressed about the ceremony and the guests of honour from the EFIC who reflect 'who's who' in the European pain community. It was a special day for the young researchers and an important milestone in their promising scientific career."


"Grünenthal shows a strong commitment supporting promising young scientists. We are celebrating the E-G-G for the fifth time and look forward to continuing this tradition for a long time. In addition we offer our E-G-G winners the possibility to share their experiences with other pain experts at an international pain colloquium and to build up networks within the E-G-G alumni reunion which we plan for 2009."