Instructions Part II

Upload Manager

With Part II of the application you are provided with an Upload Managing Tool. Specific additional documents like your brief Curriculum Vitae, publication list, research plan, research abstract, literature references, can simply be uploaded (Word Office files and PDF are accepted).

The research abstract, a concise statement on the background, objectives, research plan/strategy, methods, statistical considerations should not be longer than 150 words, and a list of references should be restricted to no more than five key publications.

As soon as your application is in edit option, any uploads can be deleted and/or updated. Please consider that with regard to the complex review process the entire application should not be more than 4-5 pages in length, plus Curriculum vitae and list of publications. As soon as the application is complete you submit it by pressing the 'final submit' button of the last page of the form. This will turn your editing option into view option of the complete application.

If in exceptional cases further changes are necessary this can be done via e-mail.