Group picture Award Ceremony EFIC-Grünenthal Grant (E-G-G) 2022

Jonas Zaman

Meet E-G-G Winner 2018: Jonas Zaman

“Science knows no country, because knowledge belongs to humanity.” – Louis Pasteur

 Like many researchers, E-G-G winner Jonas Zaman, PhD, moved around a lot for his studies – first completing his Psychology degree in Brussels, a Masters in Neuroscience in Maastricht, an internship in Oxford, then a PhD in Leuven.

“If you want to build a career in science today, international experience and collaboration is essential,” says Jonas.

He took this approach in his E-G-G application too, contacting previous winners to seek their advice.

“The E-G-G is a unique opportunity for post-docs to connect with peers around the world, at the same stage of their career, working in the same field.”

Jonas’ winning project aims to better understand the relationship between fear and chronic pain. Specifically, it looks into how becoming afraid of bodily sensations affects a person’s ability to accurately perceive sensations, and how clinicians could potentially use a perceptual training task in combination with exposure therapy to not only reduce people’s fear but also at the same time improve their ability to accurately perceive sensations in order to reduce their pain levels.

The E-G-G funding allowed Jonas to kick-start his project, covering the costs of equipment and staffing of junior researchers.

Jonas’ tip for writing a successful grant? Simplify your language, understanding the broad expertise of the judging panel. They may not be experts in your particular field of research, so explain everything.