The latest updates on the EFIC-Grünenthal Grant (E-G-G)

The E-G-G winners 2022

E-G-G received 79 applications. In a two-step evaluation, the EFIC® Research Committee selected five research projects for funding. 

More information will be published soon:

Andrea Polli, Belgium
Project title: Stress intolerance in patients with chronic widespread pain: are epigenetic mechanisms the answer to the mystery?

Roberta Gualdani, Belgium
Project title: Transient Receptor Potential channels as novel targets for precision medicine in pain

Alberto González Villar, Portugal
Project title: Evaluation of the analgesic effects of interpersonal/affective touch during the induction of secondary hyperalgesia and temporal summation of second pain

Cindy Germaine Boer, Netherlands
Project title: Osteoarthritis a gut feeling? the gut microbiome as a novel therapeutic target for osteoarthritis pain

Shafaq Sikandar, United Kingdom
Project title: Identifying a Composite Biomarker Signature for Chronic Pain in Early Rheumatoid Arthritis

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EGG EFIC Grünenthal grant winners 2022