The E-G-G 2023 is now open for applications

Individual eligibility criteria

The E-G-G 2023 is now open to applicants who are:

  • Healthcare professionals or researchers working in the field of pain management and/or pain research
  • Holding a PhD degree (for a maximum of 7 years on 31 January 2023)
  • Holding a temporary or permanent position at a hospital, university, or research institution of any member country of European Pain Federation EFIC®

Project eligibility criteria

The E-G-G is intended for translational or clinical research aiming at improving our understanding of pain mechanisms in humans and/or improving diagnosis, treatment and management of pain in patients, including innovative educational initiatives.

Project evaluation criteria

The members of the Working group for grants and prizes of the EFIC are responsible for the selection of suitable applicants and award grants under the respective E-G-G. The selection shall be based on the following aspects:

Strength of the applicant

- Strength of the applicant, including training, research experience and publication record
- Both junior and senior researchers are encouraged to apply. Evaluation of the career trajectory will consider number of years since completion of PhD
- Adequacy between expertise of the applicant and the proposed research

Novelty and originality of the research question or approach

- Hypothesis testing is preferred over empirical data collection
- Research with clear short- or long-term potential to improve the quality of life of patients with pain will be valorized
- Research on a particularly interesting topic or using a particularly original approach is encouraged, even if there is a risk of failure

Quality of the proposal

- Clarity and pertinence of the research objectives and research plan, and the extent to which they go bebyond the state-of-the-art
- Soundness of the proposed methodology and study design, including the underlying concepts, models and assumptions
- Validity of the analysis plan including justification for planned sample size
- The plan should lead to a clear answer to the question(s) posed within 2 years after the receipt of the grant