The deadline for the E-G-G 2021 application has passed

The deadline for the E-G-G 2021 application has passed and it is therefore not possible to submit new applications.

The evaluation of the applications has started and the announcement of the winners is planned for January 2022.

The E-G-G 2021 winners will be presented at the 12th Congress of European Pain Federation EFIC® in Dublin, Ireland, in April 2022.

Project criteria

The E-G-G is intended for clinical and human experimental pain research including innovative educational initiatives aimed at improving diagnosis and treatment of pain.

Research proposals on animals, computer simulations, cell lines etc. will not be considered.

The members of the Working group for grants and prizes of the EFIC are responsible for the selection of suitable applicants and award grants under the respective E-G-G. The selection is done in a blinded process and shall especially be based on the following aspects:

Strength of the applicant

- Including training, research publication record and recommendations

Novelty of the research question

- Including societal, scientific and clinical
- Hypothesis testing is preferred over empirical data collection. Exploratory research on particularly interesting ideas is encouraged, even if there is a risk of failure

Quality of the research plan

- The plan should lead to a clear answer to the question(s) posed, within 2 years after the receipt of the grant award and budget available

Individual criteria

The E-G-G is open to applicants who are:

  • studying or working at a hospital, university or other institution of any member country of the European Pain Federation EFIC®
  • in a position at a recognized hospital, university or other institution
  • M.D. or allied health professionals at PhD or higher level
  • not older than 40 years